Great Hambletonian Charity & Casio Night Event

The Hambletonian Party and Casino Night Charity program will take place on 3rd August at Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey. The event will benefit two charity centers namely the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame and the Standardbred Retirement Foundation. Those who are keen can be a part of the event for some fun and raise funds for charities. Once you buy tickets at $50 per head, you can avail open bar, dinner, dessert and casino chips worth $25. If you win casino chips through the table games, the same can be exchanged with raffle tickets to preserve it in the items baskets you wish to win. In order to figure out the winners, tickets will be drawn towards the end of the event.

Some of the prizes for winners include NY Yankees baseballs autographed by Alfonso Soriano and Brett Gardner, Pot Pressure Cooker, Rexing V1 Card Dash Cam, Kindle E-Reader, Fire HD 10 Tablet, wine baskets, liquor baskets, USTA Pathway credits and more. If you wish to buy some extra casino chips, you can do so through the night. As far as the timings for open bar and table games are concerned, it starts at 6 pm in the Gallery & Lounge on 2nd floor.
There would be some silent auction items at the event which features a woman’s bracelet with Yellow Gold Horseshoe, 6 tickets to the suite of general manager for 2018 NY Yankees game, dining vouchers in the coaches club, John Campbell’s autographed shades, and more.

The poker tournament is priced at $125 per head with limited seats. The chip leader gets a 3 nights, 4 day trip to Las Vegas for two which includes round trip airfare with first class hotel stay. The 2nd winner gets $250 and the third one $125. The tournament starts at 7 15 pm in the Gallery. Tickets are also available online if you don’t wish to collect it personally.

Mission Impossible: Mike Matusow’s Boldness

The mouth goes for first win in ninth appearance

The “Mission Impossible” table of Season 4 of Poker After Dark raised the stakes in table talk and tension when the 0-8 Mike Matusow was tasked to defeat five previous PAD champs. David Williams, Gavin Smith, Clonie Gowen, Phil Laak and Phil Hellmuth each took turns needling Matusow in their own way -but ultimately Gowen won.

Hellmuth put Matusow in a negative space at the start, where Matusow mucked ace-king preflop.

Laak held pocket eights and three-bet Matusow preflop. After Hellmuth folded, he moved all-in, Laak found the fold button and Matusow tabled his hand – seven-four of spades.

Upon the table’s reaction, Matusow said, “Beating me today is going to be very, very tough.” His statement rang true a short time later in a hand against Smith where the flop went Matusow’s way.

He opened under the gun with ace-jack of clubs; Smith rose all in holding ace-queen off suit and Matusow insta-called and took a stand.

Matusow’s stand doubled him up and helped him survive Williams’ and Smith’s eliminations. Matusow cut Smith down to a short stack in hand that Smith felt Matusow played badly.

“I think his call out of the blind is pretty bad,” Smith said. “The lead on the flop is ok, except for the fact that I’m going to call him with ace high… then on the turn, he starts to play the hand disastrous. I don’t see how he leaves $5,000 behind.”

“I could have moved him all in, I was sure I had the best hand,” Matusow said. “I didn’t do it; my radar had already been off twice – if I’m wrong I’m out of the tournament. I felt like it was a safer play to call there.”

Unfortunately, Matusow did not overcome the “Mission Impossible” and fell short of clinching the win.

Burman Is Now Planning For A Poker Makeover In India

India has mistakenly taken poker as Teen Patti.

It has the same kind of image that other card games in India has and thus, one of the main organizers of Poker Sports League (PSL) Amit Burman, also the Dabur’s Vice Chairman hopes to do the makeover of poker’s image in India.

The first season of the Poker Sports League (PSL) finished recently with a remarkable success. Speaking about the same, Burma said, “In one way, the poker game teaches the player how to make the decisions, probability. It also teaches the skill of managing the combinations and permutation of different hands that the player has”.

“In the couple of Universities of the United States, there are courses dedicated to this sport only. All because of the reason, that it has different elements engaged in single subject.”

“In United States, as a professional, when a person fills in an application and mentions that he is a poker player, then those looking at his resume, take that person very positively. They presume, that a poker player is a good thinker and also the owner of a sharp mind’. But, in India, it is not like that. People have negative connotations for poker. I am trying to change that image of poker,” he said.

Nevertheless, it is yet to be decided, whether the PSL will be organized twice a year or once in a year.

Burman is an active player of this game and he started playing it two years ago and it for just for fun he took this game. Even now, Burman doesn’t consider himself a good player. But his love for this game is enormous and he wants to ‘sportify’ the event.

“Constant reading the mind of opponent and own cards makes the player very aware.” He added.

Deeb Lost 3rd Title, Finished Second

The World Poker Tour Legends of Poker (WPTFOP) – at the Main Event $3,700 buy-in attracted 786 participants to the Bicycle Casino in California – turned to be an affair full of excitement.

Freddy Deeb, in the early year of the tour made the name for him and was hoping WPT title for the third time in record-tying. This would put Deeb alongside Carlos Mortensen, Anthony Zinno and Gus Hansen.

These are the only players who accomplish the feat.
Deeb played really well and showed his strength in the game. He defeated his opponent one after one easily until heads-up against Mike Shariati. The battle turned up very exciting. It went for 117 hands. Both poker giant played extraordinarily and the battle became most exciting in the history of the World Poker Tournament. Deeb and Shariati battled, and at the end of the game Shariati became lucky and Deeb lost his chance of claiming the third title. And then Shariati claimed the title of WPT.

Shariati is a researcher/genetic engineer and now a professional poker player.

The final table first elimination happened on Hand #6. Here, Craig Chait shoved all in for 855,000.

Sharing his thoughts after finishing second in the tournament Deeb said, “The game was really tough. Though, in the initial rounds, players went on rail easily, but I wasn’t that easy as it looks. Then, playing with Shariati was very challenging. He is a great player. We both tried hard to win the tournament. But, only one has to win and he became the winner. However, I gave him some really tough time. I am satisfied with my performance.”

“If I would have won the tournament, it would have become a legendary win for me. But, it didn’t happen, still I am happy.”

Virginia Senator Proposes Poker Bill

The state of Virginia sees a change in gambling legislation as Senator Louise Lucas has proposed that an amendment be made to existing laws which will showcase poker as a skill based game.

This will help overcome some obstacles that many online poker rooms are facing as per the old gambling laws that prevail in this state.

The state needs to wake up to the realization gambling are probably not as dangerous as allowing tobacco to be sold by an aircraft carrier. For this the attempt that the Senator is making might be towards that effect. The Senator is a representative of the Democratic, might be making a move towards a more liberal stance to be taken over poker and gambling or related activities in the state. Lucas has submitted her proposal for the third time in a row. This is definitely one of her agendas that poker be legalized in the state and be considered apart from other gambling activities. The bill being targeted is SB:1400 which is about poker and defines what comprises charitable gaming and illegal gambling. It also authorizes poker games and regulations in the state.

The amendment to the bill has been submitted to the General Laws and Technology Committee on January 11th which comprises a 15 member legislative team. Her previous efforts led to disappointing results as the amendment proposed did not see major victories among the committee members to be approved finally. It might be ironic that the state that is named after Queen Elizabeth does not allow people to play poker in a legal way. She loved games of poker and would certainly be disappointed to hear that a state in the US still holds onto antiquated views where poker is equal to all other games that depend merely on luck and chance and not on skill.

Amin Rozani And Indian Poker

In India, Goa is one of the states that have a legal status for poker and other gambling venues to run.

Here Amin Rozani started to explore the game and he can be considered as one of the first generation entrepreneurs in poker. Indeed, he sees quick success in poker as he joined hands with several event organizers and promoters such as the Indian Poker Championship. He has also started his own sites which are operational today. He is now the managing director of SPARTAN POKER and promoter as well for this Mumbai based venue. He is respected globally as well as domestically due to his expertise in the game as a player as well as a promoter and consultant.

The card game in India sees his name being closely associated and he is even known as the Shah Rukh Khan of poker. Indeed, all poker enthusiasts as well as entrepreneurs in the country are well aware of his name and reputation.

Amani Rozani might seem as a soft spoken and unassuming personality, but he is the mind of a visionary that comes out from all his accomplishments. He was recently interviewed where he disclosed how he sees the changes as to how poker is seen as a game of strategy more than a mere game of gambling. Poker is about strategies and logic and needs a good command on statistics, math, memory as well as psychology. Today, many professionals are getting into the game that requires mental attention and alertness and is a good recreation to pursue that will stimulate one intellectually.

There were questions pertaining to whether poker would be a good business and what kind of viability does he see in the country. In that context, he states that certain regulations and approvals are necessary in order to grow this industry in the country.

Carrel Wins First WCOOP Title

Charlie Carrel has gotten his first World Championship of Online Poker at Event 31.

He takes down the event for $60,040.79. He entered the Event 31 with $215, No Limit Hold’em Rebuy with 772 other opponents. As there was a very strong field of participants with 512 re-buys and 612 add-ons, the prize pool was at a whooping $385,091 and it was split among the top 98 finishers in the event.

After the 15th level, the 2016 WCOOP event 31 had only 18 players remaining in the fray. Carrel at this time was placed in the 6th position and had a real shot at the WCOOP title that he has not won yet. Once the final table was reached, Carrel was in the 3rd position in terms of chips. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this youngster could walk away with a major share of the prize pool.

The finalists, one by one failed to make an impression and even Polish sensation Dmitry Urbanovich was not able to show his prowess and was pushed to the 5th position. Kurt Fitzgerald came in the 3rd position, Carrel and Luciasno Santos de Hollanda agreed to split the prize pool and thereby $7,702 extra would end up in the champion’s pocket. The additional money soon landed in Carrel’s pocket as he was holding better cards than Luciano S.H. Finally, Carrel went on to win his maiden WCOOP title and by achieving this he pocketed $60,040.71in cash.

Carrel is the one of the brightest and the upcoming stars of online poker He started with a tiny deposit and has built his bankroll $500,000 playing in cash games. He soon turned to play tournament poker and has gained huge success here too. He is a strong competition for all the big wigs of online poker.

Cyprus all set to cast their vote on Casino Legislation on 10th March

Almost 2 years after the authorities in Cyprus declared their intention to let a casino resort to be built in the island’s southern part, the bill that would seal the contract is ready to be brought to the Parliament.

On 10th March, the House of Representatives of Cyprus would vote on a little piece of legislation which covers the construction of the 1st incorporated casino resort of Republic of Cyprus, an institution similar to those that already stays there in Northern region of the island.

For those not familiar with the history of 3rd largest island in Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has been separated in 2 separate parts since the year 1974, when Turkey intruded on the north in reply to a military takeover on the island that was backed by Athens government.

As of now, the Southern part – known as the Republic of Cyprus, is a member of European Union as well as of Eurozone. The Northern part of the island —Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus — is a self-declared country which utilizes the lira (Turkish) as the national currency.

While reunion talks have built up over time, to date flocks from UN still patrol the so-called “Green Line,” a no-man’s land buffer zone in between the 2 places. Spokesperson Nicos Christodoulides told that this would be one of the most significant infrastructure projects in Cyprus in the following coming years.

Casino Owner James Packer gets in physical altercation with a worker, reports

James Packer, the Australian casino tycoon, reportedly got into a physical fracas with a worker at his Melbourne casino after the security personnel apparently could not recognize him. A report from a leading British daily stated that the security personnel did not allow Packer as well as another executive into an undisclosed part of the casino on day of the New Year’s that prompted James to shout and push him aside, alleged the worker.

However, the casino portrayed the whole incident in a different way. In a statement, a spokesperson stated that a contract security officer, working inside the resort was radioed that one of Crown’s most important VIPs was approaching his position, but failed to recognize Mr. Packer, moving in front of him to attempt to physically block him from entering the casino and causing a collision. It is understood that a verbal altercation ensued and Mr. Packer continued into the facility.

On the other hand, the security personnel, sixty year old Iskandar Chaban stated that he went to the hospital following the incident.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening, the Wynn Las Vegas arranged an opening party for all-new Encore Player’s Club, situated across from the Surrender Nightclub. The opening party was arranged by Guess model as well as Dancing With The Stars participant Charlotte McKinney.

Other celebs in attendance was Nick Cannon, Pauly D of Jersey Shore, Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins, Andrea Denver, DJ Alesso and DJ Diplo.

Biggest Winner of the Week according to Online Railbird Report is Isaac Haxton

Next week the 2015 World Series Poker starts.

Before the beginning of the Super Bowl of Poker players were engaged with PokerStars in the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). The online poker tournament had plenty of famous names to boast which include Jason Mercier, with an amazing three titles to his credit, but online games this week also included big online headlines such as Chris Moorman, with his 25th Triple Crown and Viktor “Isildur 1” Blom with his decision to take on live streaming for the first time on Twitch.

When talking about the online nosebleeds, this week plenty of players were seen in action, but one man who did better than others was Isaac Haxton who by winning $310,463 on PokerStars in 19 sessions over 1197 hands erased the bad memory of losing $114,885 last week. There were more players on a winning streak and the big wins included Dong “Donger Kim” with +$217,612, “BERRI SWEET” with +$193,578 and “ringosnuff” with $167,733.

The action also some players ending up on the losing side with Mikael “ChaoRen160” Thuritz with the biggest loss of $271,074, and “natalie724” with $225,516, Ola “Odd_Oddsen” Amundsgard with (-$174,536 and “JayP-AA” with $174,389.
Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, the biggest winner of last week squared off against “HoldemJill9” on May 16, Saturday and turned out disastrous for him as he heavily lost after he fell behind and shown the gate within 75 minutes. His loss amounted to $195,100.

But fortune smiled on Ivey when he went ahead and won $85,000 at $1,000/$2,000 2-7 triple draw tables from Cort “thecortster” Kibler-Melby. He also ended up the biggest winner at the $400/$800 8-Game tables from Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn a hefty $77,700. Major changes have taken place in Full Tilt high-stakes rings games, the details of which can be read from the website.