Month: April 2015

Ravi Raghavan resume depicts underdogs earn substantially as well

With the ubiquity of poker online, the Global Poker Index comes in handy to evaluate the best players at the global scale.

The GPI deserves the ascription of authority and authenticity as it relies on a transparent, plenary and non-discriminative procedure to compile player rankings. In the recent survey circulated on 26th February 2015, Ravi Raghavan placed 118th with 2177.33 points, he was previously in the 111st position. In 2014, he was in the World Series of Poker in three different tournaments.


Hua is living the dream

The poker gambling landscape is copious with opportunities for poker players to be catapulted to fame alongside raking in plethora earnings.

Can Kim Hua who is a Vietnamese American professional player who joined the waging industry to leverage endless opportunities and now among the most influential player at the global scale.