Amin Rozani And Indian Poker

In India, Goa is one of the states that have a legal status for poker and other gambling venues to run.

Here Amin Rozani started to explore the game and he can be considered as one of the first generation entrepreneurs in poker. Indeed, he sees quick success in poker as he joined hands with several event organizers and promoters such as the Indian Poker Championship. He has also started his own sites which are operational today. He is now the managing director of SPARTAN POKER and promoter as well for this Mumbai based venue. He is respected globally as well as domestically due to his expertise in the game as a player as well as a promoter and consultant.

The card game in India sees his name being closely associated and he is even known as the Shah Rukh Khan of poker. Indeed, all poker enthusiasts as well as entrepreneurs in the country are well aware of his name and reputation.

Amani Rozani might seem as a soft spoken and unassuming personality, but he is the mind of a visionary that comes out from all his accomplishments. He was recently interviewed where he disclosed how he sees the changes as to how poker is seen as a game of strategy more than a mere game of gambling. Poker is about strategies and logic and needs a good command on statistics, math, memory as well as psychology. Today, many professionals are getting into the game that requires mental attention and alertness and is a good recreation to pursue that will stimulate one intellectually.

There were questions pertaining to whether poker would be a good business and what kind of viability does he see in the country. In that context, he states that certain regulations and approvals are necessary in order to grow this industry in the country.