Burman Is Now Planning For A Poker Makeover In India

India has mistakenly taken poker as Teen Patti.

It has the same kind of image that other card games in India has and thus, one of the main organizers of Poker Sports League (PSL) Amit Burman, also the Dabur’s Vice Chairman hopes to do the makeover of poker’s image in India.

The first season of the Poker Sports League (PSL) finished recently with a remarkable success. Speaking about the same, Burma said, “In one way, the poker game teaches the player how to make the decisions, probability. It also teaches the skill of managing the combinations and permutation of different hands that the player has”.

“In the couple of Universities of the United States, there are courses dedicated to this sport only. All because of the reason, that it has different elements engaged in single subject.”

“In United States, as a professional, when a person fills in an application and mentions that he is a poker player, then those looking at his resume, take that person very positively. They presume, that a poker player is a good thinker and also the owner of a sharp mind’. But, in India, it is not like that. People have negative connotations for poker. I am trying to change that image of poker,” he said.

Nevertheless, it is yet to be decided, whether the PSL will be organized twice a year or once in a year.

Burman is an active player of this game and he started playing it two years ago and it for just for fun he took this game. Even now, Burman doesn’t consider himself a good player. But his love for this game is enormous and he wants to ‘sportify’ the event.

“Constant reading the mind of opponent and own cards makes the player very aware.” He added.