Carrel Wins First WCOOP Title

Charlie Carrel has gotten his first World Championship of Online Poker at Event 31.

He takes down the event for $60,040.79. He entered the Event 31 with $215, No Limit Hold’em Rebuy with 772 other opponents. As there was a very strong field of participants with 512 re-buys and 612 add-ons, the prize pool was at a whooping $385,091 and it was split among the top 98 finishers in the event.

After the 15th level, the 2016 WCOOP event 31 had only 18 players remaining in the fray. Carrel at this time was placed in the 6th position and had a real shot at the WCOOP title that he has not won yet. Once the final table was reached, Carrel was in the 3rd position in terms of chips. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this youngster could walk away with a major share of the prize pool.

The finalists, one by one failed to make an impression and even Polish sensation Dmitry Urbanovich was not able to show his prowess and was pushed to the 5th position. Kurt Fitzgerald came in the 3rd position, Carrel and Luciasno Santos de Hollanda agreed to split the prize pool and thereby $7,702 extra would end up in the champion’s pocket. The additional money soon landed in Carrel’s pocket as he was holding better cards than Luciano S.H. Finally, Carrel went on to win his maiden WCOOP title and by achieving this he pocketed $60,040.71in cash.

Carrel is the one of the brightest and the upcoming stars of online poker He started with a tiny deposit and has built his bankroll $500,000 playing in cash games. He soon turned to play tournament poker and has gained huge success here too. He is a strong competition for all the big wigs of online poker.