Chad Brown, was passionate about acting profession but became the best poker player

Chad Brown, with his interest in the acting career he headed to Hollywood in the early 90s and was able to find his work in the film and television industry but has waited a long time for a good break in his passionate profession. His expenses in this industry were balanced out by the earnings he made in the poker games at the casino across the California. Though he could not take good break in his dream profession he was able to manage steady incomes in the poker tournaments conducted in America. He got his break in poker world in WSOP and won good cash.

It was in the year 2002, the WSOP $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo has given a turning point to the player as he won $45,000. One another good recognition that the player gained is through the same WSOP but with the $1,500 Seven Card Stud he won $62,320 amount in the year 2004. But his next attempt in WSOP Circuit Event $10,000 championship has given him good hope about his future. In this event he won 3rd place, the cash prize being quite attractive at $198,550. Few more attempts were made in WSOP in the next years and it continued even until June 2011.

While the winning history has increased his image as the poker player and kept him busy, he did has some special interest in baseball which he used to play on a regular basis with friends. Of course he enjoyed playing the same game with the ex-pros from the professional leagues thus giving him lot much of exposure to the vast experience that these ex-pros have gained.

His interest in poker did not stop with just playing in the events, but was extended to the level where he hosted the ultimate poker challenge TV show that many poker fans are following.