Cyprus all set to cast their vote on Casino Legislation on 10th March

Almost 2 years after the authorities in Cyprus declared their intention to let a casino resort to be built in the island’s southern part, the bill that would seal the contract is ready to be brought to the Parliament.

On 10th March, the House of Representatives of Cyprus would vote on a little piece of legislation which covers the construction of the 1st incorporated casino resort of Republic of Cyprus, an institution similar to those that already stays there in Northern region of the island.

For those not familiar with the history of 3rd largest island in Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has been separated in 2 separate parts since the year 1974, when Turkey intruded on the north in reply to a military takeover on the island that was backed by Athens government.

As of now, the Southern part – known as the Republic of Cyprus, is a member of European Union as well as of Eurozone. The Northern part of the island —Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus — is a self-declared country which utilizes the lira (Turkish) as the national currency.

While reunion talks have built up over time, to date flocks from UN still patrol the so-called “Green Line,” a no-man’s land buffer zone in between the 2 places. Spokesperson Nicos Christodoulides told that this would be one of the most significant infrastructure projects in Cyprus in the following coming years.