How Will Brexit Affect Poker?

Brexit (British Exit) which is the withdrawal of U.K. from European Union has its own impacts on poker and British poker player Neil Channing analyzes what Brexit will mean for players, fans and organizers.

According to Channing, the effect will be more on firms than players in terms of online poker as the companies’ license location is mostly unaware. Companies would have to move to EU probably Malta, and also there are numerous authorities residing in and near U.K. from the mainland to independent states like Gibraltar and Isle of Man. Problems are supposed to arise for online sites like PokerStars, PartyPoker etc. but also for live poker which is considered to be more hassle and less attractive while more limited tours like Unibet would run efficiently.

The pounding could be handed to British currency of sterling if Nottingham Casino in Europe is affected. The value of currency might not affect the choice of countries to visit but what effects most will be the increase in tax for online gambling in U.K. The people who show up to play for a weekend will be affected as they might need visas or anything equivalent involving a fee. The other kind of players like migrant professionals who move in search of favorable conditions because their countries often have rules which include payment of tax on every winning event, which probably hasn’t still changed their nationality might have to leave.

Brexit has arisen against much discussion and thoughts in the political arena but not in among the poker industries. How the United Kingdom leaves the European Union could be crucial to the future of poker from the regulation of games, taxes, online liquidity to live tournament organizers. A case of cashing out chips is expected by the players rather than stop-loss in Brussels.

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