Mohsin Charania

Mohsin Charania has made a poker history by winning the EPT season 8 at Monte Carlo. The player came into poker contact during his graduation years. He started studying about the game and he made enough money through poker that he could pay his bills.

After completing his graduation, he decided to play at big level. He was only 21 years old when he travelled to Las Vegas for major poker events. But it was sad that he lost his entire bankroll when he was playing live poker. He came back and started playing online to improve his poker skills. Finally he was able to won a big tournament online.

According to Mohsin Charania, it is great to learn through your own mistakes. It not only makes you confident but also amplifies your experience. Through his online success, he was able to make more than $3.5 million in total. His other biggest win came into SCOOP tournament when he was able to make $380k million at poker event. In his free time, he is very much active at online poker tournaments also. He loved to participate at Sunday Millions event, Full tilt poker and other major online tournaments. After completing his graduation, he was planning to continue his law studies but his poker career was at full swing.

Finally, he switched to poker completely and today he is taken as one of the most legend profiles in the poker history. This was the reason why his higher education was put on hold. During his entire poker career, he has made number of poker tables and cashes. The year 2010 was truly memorable for the player when he got back to back success at popular poker events. He was still waiting for major success or winning title at EPT or WSOP series. Finally, it was 2012 when he made a poker history by winning the EPT season 8 at Monte Carlo.