Virginia Senator Proposes Poker Bill

The state of Virginia sees a change in gambling legislation as Senator Louise Lucas has proposed that an amendment be made to existing laws which will showcase poker as a skill based game.

This will help overcome some obstacles that many online poker rooms are facing as per the old gambling laws that prevail in this state.

The state needs to wake up to the realization gambling are probably not as dangerous as allowing tobacco to be sold by an aircraft carrier. For this the attempt that the Senator is making might be towards that effect. The Senator is a representative of the Democratic, might be making a move towards a more liberal stance to be taken over poker and gambling or related activities in the state. Lucas has submitted her proposal for the third time in a row. This is definitely one of her agendas that poker be legalized in the state and be considered apart from other gambling activities. The bill being targeted is SB:1400 which is about poker and defines what comprises charitable gaming and illegal gambling. It also authorizes poker games and regulations in the state.

The amendment to the bill has been submitted to the General Laws and Technology Committee on January 11th which comprises a 15 member legislative team. Her previous efforts led to disappointing results as the amendment proposed did not see major victories among the committee members to be approved finally. It might be ironic that the state that is named after Queen Elizabeth does not allow people to play poker in a legal way. She loved games of poker and would certainly be disappointed to hear that a state in the US still holds onto antiquated views where poker is equal to all other games that depend merely on luck and chance and not on skill.